5 Reasons Why You Need a Workout Buddy in 2020

Date :December 22, 2019 By :Aly Johnson

Exercise is good for the mind and the body. But working out on your own can become dull and monotonous, so why not workout with someone and keep each other motivated to achieve your fitness goals?

Not sure if you want to workout with someone else? Try these 5 reasons on for size and see why finding a workout friend could be the best decision you make in 2020. 

1. They hold you accountable

There are the days when we lack motivation to don the lycra and hit the gym, but if you are holding someone else accountable then you’re just as responsible as they are to ensuring you both workout. 

By skipping a workout you are not just letting yourself down, you’re letting them down too. And nobody likes being let down, let alone being the one being let down.

2. Gives you an excuse to hang out with your friend

Don’t think of working out with a buddy as a chore, see it as a way to hang out with your friend. We are always so busy these days that making time for someone else can be just another thing to add to our already extensive to do list. 

But if you combine the two… kill two birds with one stone etc, you are laughing. 

No really, you will literally be laughing when you work out with a friend. It will be the icing on your fitness cake – not only will working out boost your endorphins, but doing it with your friend is guaranteed to get you laughing and give your mood an added shot of happiness. 

3. Who doesn’t love a bit of competition

We can compete with ourselves as much as we want, working hard to smash our PBs, but who can we share the joyous news with? Really, who else cares that you’ve shaved off a few seconds from your 5km time? 

But if you workout with a friend, you’ll naturally have competition because no one wants to be second best. Use each other to push yourselves to achieve your goals and smash your records. 

4. It makes the time fly

When you’re having fun doesn’t the time just whizz by? So why not workout with your friend and have fun while you’re doing it? 

If the workout is hard you can laugh your way through it rather than grumble and groan, and having someone supportive beside you will keep you motivated to work hard (just as you will do for them). 

5. Keep you both motivated

Working out with a friend will not just keep you motivated, it will keep your friend motivated too. So don’t think of working out with a buddy as something that you’re taking advantage of, you’re both benefiting from it. 

Exercising with another person will lift you both up and keep you both motivated to push harder and achieve your goals, because it’s not just you who is accountable any more. And besides, it’ll make it much easier to grab your trainers and head out the door on the days when you have no energy or desire to do anything other than eat cake and sit on the sofa.

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