Top 10 Healthiest Berries

Date :February 4, 2020 By :Laura Bill

Soft, round, small, juicy, oh so very juicy, colorful- mostly blue, purple, and red, though. These are just a few of the adjectives that smash in our brains when we hear berries.

It’s the fact that eating berries is similar to a roller coaster ride. You bite into those luscious things, and your mouth fills with some of the richest nectar you can ever taste. Then comes the taste, sweetness with a single kick of sour, oh Lord! Of course, the aftertaste is just as amazing.

Happiness, we believe, is a bowl of fresh, crispy, and succulent berries.

The cherry on top is that berries are some of the healthiest foods in the world! Don’t ever let their small, cutesy sizes deceive you. They’re packed with nutrients, fiber, vitamin C, and even act as heart-healthy antioxidants.

They may not be able to make miracles happen. Regardless, they do, at least, ensure you get to eat clean. Berries have very insignificant calories, meaning you get to punch on this heavenly fruit without the fear of weight gains!

Why Eat Berries?

Why must you have berries in your diet regularly? There are multiple reasons for including berries in your dietary routine, eight of them being

They’re full of antioxidants.

Antioxidants help in protecting your cells and improve your immune system. Hence, eat berries just for the sake of having a low likelihood of falling sick. Now, who wouldn’t love that?


They are enriched with fiber.

Berries are a beneficial source of fiber intake in your daily life. Proper and healthy consumption of fiber can result in good metabolism, decreased hunger, and reduced-calorie consumption.

This hence eventually enables you to control your weight easily as well.

Honestly, just imagine not having cravings for greasy or cheesy food 24/7? It is kind of a relief, no?


They’re high in nutrients.

Even though very low in calories, berries are rich with nutrients. In addition to being fiber-enriched, they also contain numerous vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C and manganese.


They protect from inflammation.

Berries assist in your bodies, protecting against inflammation. Inflammation refers to your body’s protection from injuries or infections.

This can, therefore, result in a reduction of chances of heart disease as well.


They’re a treat in themselves.

Berries are mouthwatering, no matter if eaten alone or added in healthy concoctions. You can have berries as a dessert or for breakfast along with Greek yogurt or cottage cheese and crushed nuts.

Just imagine having these crisp, juicy, and immensely sweet berries first thing in the morning. Or better yet, as a dessert with just a bit of whipped cream. Oh God, the mere thought is very tantalizing.


It can be included in any kind of diet you’re following.

The best part about berries is that you can eat berries regardless of the type of diet you’re following. People on low-carbohydrate diets usually try avoiding fruits. Even then, you can include some intake of berries in your consumption.


They might even control and maintain your blood sugar.

Having berries alongside foods containing a high quantity of carbohydrates helps in improving the sugar levels in your blood.


Berries can even improve your skin

Consumption of berries helps in reducing early skin wrinkling because of the antioxidants that manage free radicals. Free radicals are one of the primary drivers of skin-damaging that further leads to early ageing.

Y’all, what if Snow White ate berries all her life to eventually become the ‘fairest of them all’?


10 Best and Healthiest Berries You Could Ever Eat

Hence, now let us move towards the ten healthiest berries you can consume and make your life so much better!


Blueberries are a very effective source of vitamin K. Vitamin K is highly significant for having strong bones, preventing blood-clotting, and improving wound healing.

Furthermore, they have antioxidant polyphenols termed as anthocyanins that assist in lowering oxidant stress and chances of heart-related diseases.

Moreover, blueberries also act in lowering the ‘bad’ cholesterol level in your blood, subsequently reducing the danger of heart attacks and bettering functionalities of arteries.

In addition, blueberries are connected to the slowing down of cognitive fall and its effects on how you age. Hence, you might be aging, but your brain shall remain healthy!

A cup of blueberries-roughly 148 grams- contains around 84 calories and 3.6 grams of fiber. You can hence imagine just how much this will improve your metabolism and overall health.



You can commonly see shiny, red, and ripe raspberries in desserts, especially on top of cheesecakes, and oh boy, do they look tempting to eat?

You will find them even more tempting after you realize how effective means of fiber intake they can be.

A cup of around 123 grams of raspberries contains only 64 calories and around 8 grams of fiber! You’re sure to be well protected from every digestion-related problem!

Apart from this, it’s not usual for everyone to know, but raspberries do come in different kinds- the red and the blue ones. Blue raspberries are incredible to ensure your hearts remain vitalized and healthy.

Furthermore, black raspberries are studied to have anti-inflammation characteristics.

You know what they say, ‘Happy heart, happy you.’ Want this phrase to come true? Fret no more. Just munch on some scrumptious raspberries, and you’re good to go!



Strawberries are the most widely eaten berries across the whole globe. They’re also enriched with vitamin C. Stating that strawberries are suitable for your wellbeing is an understatement. Many observations through the years have shown just how beneficial strawberry intake is for you.

Not only do they decrease chances of heart disease, but other health issues, too, including cholesterol levels, maintaining triglycerides, and even oxidative stress levels in your bodies.

Adding to the numerous advantages, strawberries also contribute to maintaining sugar levels in your blood. They also contain anti-inflammation characteristics, leading to you incurring lesser injuries or infections.

A cup of around 144 grams of strawberries contains only 46 calories and 3 grams of fiber. This means you get to eat as many strawberries as you want without any fear of consuming a lot of calories.



Cranberries must not be had only during the Christmas season. Instead, it’s recommended you consume them throughout the year. Typically consumed in liquid form, cranberries offer a dozen benefits.

Not only do these ruby red berries ensure you get to have healthy gums, but offer numerous other medical perks. Cranberries are very effective in treating wounds, liver-related diseases, stomach aches, and preventing diabetes.

Perhaps the best use of cranberries is its ability to lower the chances of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and assisting in preventing the ‘stiffening’ of arteries.

A cup of cranberries of around 110 grams contains around 46 calories and 3.6 grams of fiber. Because cranberry is rarely eaten alone, do indulge in some fresh cranberry juice time by time to enjoy its benefits.


Goji Berries

Goji berries are commonly referred to as Chinese wolfberries or lyceum. Used by China for herbal purposes, these raisin-like red berries help improve eyesight due to the high quantity of vitamin A in the berries- and your immune systems for extending your lives.

Goji berries are rich with vitamins A, B, and C, beta carotene, amino acids, and iron. An ounce of the berries-28 grams- contains around 98 calories and 3.7 grams of fiber.

The berries are available in dried forms too and taste like dried cherries with a slightly salty kick, a taste so peculiar yet so unusual.



Grapes are usually eaten as raw fruit or in liquid form as grape juice, raisins, and even vinegar. They are fantastic sources of antioxidants-especially their seeds and skins.

Grape intake helps significantly in lowering the chances of type II diabetes. Grape juice is even famous for boosting mental health. Studies even prove that having grapes boost up your memory and brain functionality.

Grapes contain vitamin C and K, and one cup of roughly 151 grams of raw grapes offers around 104 calories and 1.4 grams of fiber.



Redcurrants are so similar to cranberries in certain things. They both are consumed during Christmas times but are forgotten during the remaining months- an error many commit that they shouldn’t.

Redcurrants are rich with vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B6. Potassium is a mineral that most individuals lack in their dietary routine nowadays.

Some of you might get thrown away due to the sour and sharp flavor of the berries. Do not add sugar to them, though. Instead, have them alongside other, naturally sweet fruits like bananas, mangoes, or strawberries.



Bilberries are, to a great extent, like blueberries, so much so, that they even render so many buyers confused. European land is the real home to bilberries, whereas that of blueberries in North America.

Bilberries, like many other berries, have anti-inflammation characteristics to prevent you from getting infections and injuries.

Numerous studies have been conducted to discover the benefits of bilberries. The observations conclude the improvement of sugar levels in your blood if eaten with a nutrient-rich diet of fish and whole grains.

Furthermore, bilberries are found to raise your ‘good’ cholesterol and at the same time lowering the ‘bad’ cholesterol in your blood.

The cherry on top? Bilberries are quite effective in assisting you to reduce weight. One hundred grams of bilberries have mere 43 calories with 4.6 grams of fiber! Just imagine how much of a powerful asset they are for diet controls.

Who’d rather go to gyms and sweat like crazy when doing cardio when you can just munch on these succulent little beauties happily?


Acai Berries

Acai berries are what you can term as the ‘Brazilian berries.’ Their importance has been rising day after day. Today they’re well reputed healthy dietary alternatives due to the high quantity of antioxidants in them.

Acai berries have around 33 various kinds of antioxidants. And this is like around ten times more than that found in blueberries. Just wow!

Not only do the berries control your sugar but cholesterol levels too.

One hundred grams of acai berries have around 70 calories and 5 grams of fiber. Though, because they’re typically eaten in dried or frozen-dried forms, their nutrition level might be affected a little.



Blackcurrants may not be as famous and chic as other berries. But, this type of berries is what you can say the ‘epic super amazing fruit.’ They aren’t a highlight in the market only because many don’t realize just how vital and essential blackcurrants are for our healthiness.

The berries are an effective way to consume anthocyanins- an essential health-boosting antioxidant that helps in preventing cancer and heart-related problems.

Just imagine a fruit having the most quantity of anthocyanins, is enriched with vitamins C and B, and numerous minerals! This is enough to understand just how precious blackcurrants are. No?



Berries are hands down, some of the nutrient-packed, low-calorie, and healthiest foods in the world. Plus, being enriched with fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidants is simply the cherry on top of the perfectly decorated cake.

Numerous types of berries have been confirmed to safeguard hearts against various diseases.  Some of the perks include lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol, as well as decreasing oxidative stress levels.

In addition to this, berries act as effective natural sweeteners and a perfect supplement to sweet food. This is why they can even assist in reducing the risks of type II diabetes.

Therefore, you all must attempt to introduce and then increase your overall consumption of berries gradually. Start by including a handful of them in your daily dietary routine. Try a different type of berries one by one.

Your added perk is that because berries are naturally full of sweet nectar, they, by themselves alone, make a well-deserved treat for you.

Have berries as a fulfilling snack or a breakfast dressing, and the chances are that you’re good on your way of becoming healthier than you were before.



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