Get up and out: 5 ways to nail early morning workout motivation

Date :December 6, 2019 By :adminfitness

For even the most ardent of morning workout enthusiasts, getting out of bed on a cold, wet, dark winter’s morning can be one of the hardest things to do. 

Why we lack early morning workout motivation

Throwing back the warm, cosy covers, leaving your slumbering sleep buddy quietly snoozing, pulling on your workout gear and stepping out into the drizzle can be too much for most of us to handle. Which is why in winter we can have a tendency to let our morning workout slide. 

But no more!

Here are 5 tips to help you get up and out, nailing your early morning workout motivation. You’ll thank us for it in the long run.

1. Prepare mentally. 

If you aren’t fully committed to an early morning workout, you aren’t going to do it. Mind over matter is what is going to get you up and out of the door. So remember why you’re doing it.

Think about why you’re choosing to work out first thing in the morning, what your end goal is, how great you’ll feel when you’ve done it, and how smug you can be on the train as you commute into work looking at all the other people who didn’t get their morning endorphin fix. 

2. Wake up with added commitment. 

Set your alarm to something inspiring that will motivate you to get out of bed. Rather than have your phone croon softly at you, set it to a catchy 80s rock song (or whatever appeals) and be in the mood to workout as soon as your eyes open. 

If your partner isn’t such a fan of a rude awakening, write down your intentions and repeat them to yourself until you’ve memorised them. Use them as your morning mantra whilst you’re getting up, pulling on your lycra, lacing your trainers, drinking your coffee and heading out the door.

You want to be strong, to be fit, to be a badass – and those people don’t lie in bed all day. 

3. Move your alarm. 

If you can roll over and hit snooze without opening your eyelids, your alarm is too close. Position it at the other side of the room so you have to get up to shut it up (or risk the wrath of your flatmates). Place it next to your light switch so you have no excuse for not turning the light on as you turn the alarm off. 

4. Lay out your clothes. 

Nothing is more demotivating that indifference, so lay out your workout clothes the night before and bypass the ‘I have nothing to wear’ stage by putting on your workout gear without having to think. Plus, if it’s dark in your room and you’ll get shouted at for turning the light on, this makes life much easier for all involved. 

5. Find a workout buddy. 

Don’t have the motivation to get yourself out of bed? Then find someone to workout with who will hold you accountable. It’s easy to say no to yourself, but to let someone else down? That’s a whole other ballgame. If you’ve given your word to your workout buddy that you’ll meet them at the crack of dawn and you fail to show, that’s just not cool. 


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