The Coronavirus: How to Stay Safe and Healthy

Date :March 6, 2020 By :Laura Bill

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is the topic on everyone’s lips right now and it’s no doubt your instinct to try and avoid it at all costs. While the disease is still very much in the research phase and is impossible to tell how dangerous it’s going to be at this stage, it’s important you’re aware of how the disease is spread and the best methods of avoiding the disease.

What we do know, is that certain countries around the world that puts you at a much higher risk of contracting the disease, but you should aim to take the appropriate measures to stay well.

At the current time, there is no vaccine to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which means the most vulnerable members of society e.g. the elderly and those with weaker immune systems are at a far higher risk.


What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?


Below are some of the most common symptoms of the Coronavirus. It must be noted that even if you have one or a few of these symptoms, it doesn’t automatically mean you have the disease. If in any doubt, make an appointment to see your GP:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • High temperature


As the coronavirus is a form of viral pneumonia, antibiotics won’t cut it and at the moment, the speed of recovery ultimately depends on the strength of your immune system.


Should I go to the doctor if I have a cough?


Unless you have travelled to another country in the past few weeks, it may not be necessary to see a doctor. However, if you’re feeling particularly unwell and in need of medical attention, it would always be worth getting checked out – to be on the safe side.

It would be advised that you stay indoors and try not to come into contact with other people if you’re feeling under the weather.


How to protect yourself against the Coronavirus


There are a couple of methods you can take into consideration to prevent yourself from catching Coronavirus:


Wash your hands



It would be highly recommended to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, especially before eating, blowing your nose and after going to the bathroom. Many people wash their hands while singing ‘Happy Birthday’ as the length of the song should be an adequate amount of time to wash your hands thoroughly.


Avoid touching your face


You may touch your face more times than you realise throughout the day, but this is one of the major factors that could put you at risk of catching the coronavirus. When you feel you’re going to sneeze, always use a tissue and keep your hands busy throughout the day so you don’t unintentionally touch your face.


Keep your health in check


As those with weaker immune systems are typically vulnerable to the coronavirus, it would be in your best interests to keep your health in check, so you don’t fall victim to the disease. Get enough sleep so your body can function, maintain a balanced diet, keep up a good exercise regime and manage your stress levels.


To keep up with the latest information on the disease, follow this link




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