You Know About HIIT, But What About LIIT?

Date :November 30, 2019 By :Aly Johnson

We all know the fable about the hare and the tortoise – slow and steady always wins the race. 

Well, recent research has shown that if we want to yield better results from our workout, we should be slowing things down, rather than speeding them up. 

HIIT – high intensity interval training 

HIIT has become the darling of the workout world in recent years. The simple premise of HIIT is that your workout is condensed into a set number of highly intense workouts, each lasting for a set period of time. 

HIIT makes you work hard for a short blast, followed by a shorter rest period and repeated for a set time frame, meaning your body continues to work hard, even burning fat long after you’ve stopped working out. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about exercising is that in order to make significant improvements in either muscle gain or weight loss, you have to slog away at it for hours on end, when in fact you just need to work smarter and harder, for a shorter period of time. 


  1. HIIT burns fat even after you stop working out
  2. HIIT allows you to build strength, quickly
  3. HIIT improves your cardiovascular health efficiently

What about LIIT?

So if HIIT works so well, why should we slow things down?

LIIT – low intensity interval training works in much the same way HIIT does. Only instead of thrashing yourself at a high intensity for short periods, you work out at a much lower intensity for longer periods. You reap all the rewards still, but it’s kinder on your joints and it allows you to mix up your workout, meaning your body doesn’t get used to any particular workout style. 

LIIT workouts take longer than HIIT as you still need to get your heart rate up to get the results you’re after, it just takes longer. LIIT is one of the safest and most effective ways to build muscle for the long term and guarantee you burn body fat. 

3 ways LIIT workouts improve your health

    1. LIIT enables you to build strength and physical endurance. Because LIIT workouts are designed to target all of your muscle groups, not just focus on one particular set of muscles, you increase your overall strength with each workout. And you increase your physical endurance (your stamina) by repeating the exercise, like you would in a HIIT workout, numerous times. 
    2. LIIT encourages flexibility. If you aren’t particularly flexible, one of the added advantages of LIIT is that it promotes flexibility thanks to the deep stretches and movements that your LIIT workout will demand of you. This can be through Barre-style workout outs which lengthen your spine and lengthen your muscles, to yoga style workouts that increase flexibility through stretching and working your muscles and connective tissues. 
    3. LIIT helps with mental health. By regularly working out at a low intensity you not only benefit physically from LIIT, but the regular exercise and focus on your breathing allows you to concentrate, challenging your body and your mind, enabling you to destress and relax in the process. 

Who is LIIT for?

LIIT is ideal for anyone – from those just beginning exercising, to anyone recovering from injury, to anyone looking for a different style of workout from hard and fast HIIT. 

Basically anyone from young to old, thin to obese can benefit from the powers of LIIT. 

So what are you waiting for? Slow down!

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